Light and sound
This synergy means that you create powerful and effective molecular alchemy that produce amazing opportunity for stability, balance and consequent renewal of the visual and auditory perception of the individual.

Enlited is a sensory performance that leads us to the discovery of new electronic sounds associated with Arduino and Led technology.

The stage will be as follows:
– A plastic net (or plexiglass) of 2 m x 1 m, to be placed under the Fomet, filled with pixels LED (approximately 900).
– A square tubular crown of 1 m to the side with corner joints with plastic inside pixels LED (40), from apendere American.
– 4 wooden posts 2 m high with its pedestal, with set of 10 digital LED bars (450 pixels LED) to be placed behind the DJ.

The power output will be about 400 Watt.
The assembly time is about 1 hour.
The performance has a duration of about 25 min.
The light setting will be made by Arduino and Madmapper.


Performance Audio/Led


Luca Doobie

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